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We believe people and businesses thrive with authentic, credible and meaningful information.

We are always looking for people who are passionate in making a difference and to help us to improve the lives of the 60 million Artisans who make the products we buy, wear and use.

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Collaborative technology

Our Team Members work closely with cross-functional peers throughout the globe using the latest in collaborative technology.

A continuous improvement culture

Vaēso is revolutionizing the apparel and footwear industries Supply Network by bringing digital SaaS manufacturing and instigating real and sustainable transformation with change management techniques.

More value to the world's consumers

Our mission is to significantly reduce the waste that exist in our apparel and footwear industry, thus providing more value to the world’s consumers.

Our values

  • We are proud to apply the same continuous improvement philosophy to constantly reinvent ourselves.
  • We strive for perfection to achieve excellence.
  • Our Team Members are coached to push the boundaries of technology and to think out of the box.
  • We practice honesty, ethics & courtesy in everything we do and are encouraged to speak out and challenge existing practices.


Transforming the way we manifacture the products we wear, use and enjoy by elevating workers into Artisans.


Fast-paced entrepreneurial culture and continuous education

meet our team

Our world-class Software Teams compete with the elite teams around the world. System Integration Lean Transformation Specialists set the industry standards for shop floor change transformation.

We believe in continuous education with one of the software and apparel-footwear industry’s most robust internal Learning Programs.

We take pride in our fast-paced entrepreneurial culture where our Team Members are provided visibility and understanding of how our products and services are built and deployed whether you are a Software Developer or a Lean Transformation Specialist.

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Download business case

Download business case