Why Vaēso

Transforming the way we manufacture the products we wear, use and enjoy by elevating our industry’s 60 million workers into Artisans.

Who Is Vaēso?

A leading-edge engineering company specialized in the apparel and footwear industry providing a transformative supply network solution

20 years of proven experience working with supply network partners defining standards and improving their performance

Engaging & empowering the Artisans of the apparel and footwear industries to be THE foundation for building a rapid continuous improvement culture

Experience and know-how to successfully transform your manufacturing ecosystem

Industry-specific technicians trained in our proprietary processes & procedures

One integrated end-to-end Supply Network: 3 solutions in 1 platform

Our Foundation

After 20 years of ensuring quality and factory productivity improvements for the fashion industry’s leading apparel and footwear brands through our sister company, Impactiva, it was very clear the industry needed a meaningful transformation to meet the needs of our brand-factory partners.

As a result, in 2018 we created Vaēso, a proven digital Manufacturing Execution System revolutionizing the industry’s manufacturing shop floor bringing transparency and visibility to the struggling global supply networks.

In 2021, given the solid growth, Vaēso created an India subsidiary to be closer and better address the needs of the footwear and apparel factories. We are planning to open more subsidiaries in the upcoming future.

Today, we are a team of over 100 living and working in 11 countries passionately determined to fulfill Vaēso’s massive transformative purpose of improving the lives of the 60 million Artisans of the apparel and footwear industry.

How we are revolutionizing the apparel and footwear industry

How we are revolutionizing the apparel and footwear industry

Empowering Artisans with Digital Tools

At Vaēso, we believe the only way to deliver the increasing value demanded by today’s consumers is by empowering Artisans with the digital tools to elevate their knowledge and engagement, thus unlocking the enormous hidden value in our industry’s factories.

Team of Dedicated Experts

Collectively, our executive leadership team has over 250 years of knowledge in the apparel and footwear industry, combined with expertise in factory process optimization and the technology sector.


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One Ultimate Goal: Transparency & Visibility

Vaēso stems from the Latin word ‘glass’ symbolizing our mission to bring transparency and visibility to the Supply Networks of our industry.