Crafting value from visibility

Vaēso is a SaaS platform that empowers retailer-brand manufacturing ecosystems to transform themselves by providing the visibility, quality, productivity and speed required by today's consumer driven demand chains.

Vaēso LIVE

Real-time visibility to WIP, order status and capacity usage-availability provides you with the insights needed to effectively manage your demand chain especially in times of major disruptions.

Use "real" shop floor data to guide your factories to double-digit improvements in quality, speed, flexibility and productivity by helping them build a rapid improvement culture.

Why Vaēso?

Real-Time Shop Floor Visibility

Zero-Defect Quality

Double-Digit Productivity

Speed & Flexibility

Real-Time Order Visibility

Sustainable Growth

Factory Reliability

Artisan Engagement

Laser focus visibility into your factories, when your Team can't be there

What Our Customers Say


Vaēso technology is powered by Impactiva’s two decades of knowledge, experience and know-how that established our industry’s best-in-class quality and factory process optimization lean transformation services.