Manufacturing 4.0 SaaS Solution for the Apparel and Footwear Industry

Transform your brands’ factory ecosystem by providing double-digit improvements in quality, productivity and speed performance metrics.

Ensure a transparent, reliable, traceable, and resilient supply network to drive continuous improvement.

Who Is Vaēso?

Vaēso is powered by Impactiva’s more than two decades of knowledge, experience and know-how that established our industry’s best-in-class quality and factory Lean transformation services.

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  • A leading-edge engineering company specialized in the apparel and footwear industry providing a transformative supply network solution

  • +20 years of proven experience working with supply network partners defining standards and improving their manufacturing performance

  • Engaging & empowering the Artisans of the apparel and footwear industry to be THE foundation for building a rapid continuous improvement culture

  • Experience and know-how to successfully transform your manufacturing ecosystem

  • Industry-specific technicians respected in the industry and trained in our proprietary processes & procedures

  • One integrated end-to-end Supply Network:
    3 solutions in 1 platform

Right the First Time Quality Improvement



Real-Time Manufacturing Visibility Fuels Agile Decision-Making

Vaēso provides the ability to follow and have accurate details on each product during the manufacturing process, enabling you to have visibility and better control of your production in real time.

Our experience shows that efficiency lags are rooted in traditional manufacturing systems that rely on manual data capture and daily reports. In many instances, factory teams are fixing today’s problems with yesterday’s data.

Real time data allows teams to react in minutes and seconds rather than days and hours. Artisans, line leaders, production and factory management are able tackle issues in real time by continuously monitoring efficiency, quality, and productivity every minute and reacting immediately to shop floor alerts.

Real-Time Metrics Drive Performance And Results

Access your most important manufacturing KPIs based on reliable, accurate and non-sampled data to easily view and analyze current quality, productivity, capacity, efficiency, PO status, and other essential KPIs.

With real time, detailed metrics you can identify areas of improvement to ensure your current operations are performing at their highest levels of capacity, productivity, quality, and speed.

Use Vaēso to visualize data and track long-term comparative patterns and trends that can be shared across both your business and technical team.

Vaēso Platform

  • Real-Time Manufacturing Execution Solution

  • Standards Collaboration & Digital Audit Solution

  • Industry-Specific Mobile eLearning Solution

Payback Within Months

A fast and efficient implementation coupled with dramatic improvement in quality, productivity and speed, result in an outstanding Return on Investment.

Your Savings with Vaēso

With an Average


Total Daily Additional Profits


Annualized Additional Profits


Savings calculation based on certain assumptions, if you would like to know more details, please contact us.

Vaēso Savings Calculator


Vaēso Benefits

Enhance Supply Network performance, visibility, and transparency.

Achieve real-time shop floor visibility using accurate data.

Improve productivity and capacity by up to 50%.

Improve Right the First Time quality by at least 30%.

Reduce lead-times up to 30 days.

Reduce material scrap annually by +10%.

Start transforming your performance

Customer Testimonials

  • “I am sure that going digital is the present and future of the industry. At Farida, we are very happy that we started with Vaēso and are ahead of the industry by having visibility of our manufacturing shop floor and being able to share relevant real-time information with our customers. We believe Vaēso to be the bridge for our industry’s digital future.”

    Irshad Ahmed Mecca

    Managing Director, Farida Shoes

  • “At Novi, we are now aware that accurate data and transparency with our factory partners is crucial. Vaēso’s software technology coupled with its change management techniques has been instrumental in improving the quality and productivity of our factory partners shop floors and strengthening our relationships.”

    Leandro Fernandes

    Managing Director, Novi Footwear

  • “At Emperor, we believe Vaēso is the right tool to enhance our digital transformation program. It has provided visible real-time information during manufacturing, and thus, we have improved our quality and productivity. We can find the value and benefits that Vaēso has brought to our company immediately after launching the program!”

    Iris Chou

    General Manager, Emperor Group

  • “Our top priority was to grow the Right the First Time (RFT) quality and Vaēso significantly helped to improve it. Moreover, it brought an increase in Pairs-Per-Person-Per-Hour (PPH) output. I believe that RFT and PPH are the essence of how our factories can make the best progress and Vaēso is the driving force leading this positive transformation”.

    Eric Lin

    General Manager, Lien Phat Company

  • Vaēso gave us the opportunity to track the pieces in our production line, get real time visibility into our production, and allow us to have a good control of our production.
    Thanks to Vaēso, we now have real time data and thus, do not need to wait 1-2 hours to take action. We can react immediately and solve any problem!’’

    Mr. Chaouch

    Owner, Enfavet Group