An Artisan is the maker of the products we wear, use and enjoy.

They are expert craftsmen, guardians of the quality assurance process, and critical to the home delivery of defect-free products to the world’s consumers. Vaēso LEARN provides a suite of industry-specific courses, with the goal of engaging and activating the hearts and minds of factory workers transforming them into Artisans. Through our courses, Artisans will develop critical thinking skills that will allow them to identify errors, evaluate their productivity, and reflect on their performance. Our courses aim to equip Artisans with the knowledge and skills to maximize their development and full potential in order to build a culture of continuous improvement.

Learning on the Go

Artisans can access mobile-friendly
courses anywhere, anytime

Multi-Platform Delivery

Learning courses viewable on mobile iOS-Android and Mac-Windows computers

Responsive Design

Courses automatically adjust
to your device screen

Holistic Approach

Course content caters
to visual, auditory and kinesthetic learners

Learner-Centric Delivery

Courses feature practical scenarios, instructional tutorials, knowledge checks and assessments

User-Friendly UI

Course content is presented in
user-friendly UI for easy navigation & exploration

Course Features



Knowledge Checks
and Assessments

Badges and
Learning Metrics

Artisan Testimonials

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