The Manufacturing Execution System to transform your shop floor performance

Vaēso LIVE empowers you with the real-time data & analytics needed to optimize productivity and drive continuous improvement throughout your manufacturing ecosystem required to meet the ever-increasing demands of today’s consumers.

Traditional MES systems fail to deliver incremental efficiency improvements because factory teams are fixing today’s problems with yesterday’s data. Legacy MES systems rely on manual data capture and daily reports.

Vaēso LIVE Core Features

  • Software

    Platform capturing real-time operating cycle times & defects. Alarms are generated if targets are not met.

  • Full Shop Floor Visibility

    100% product tracking with Vaēso tablets at every workstation.

    Real time data for Artisans, Supervisors, and Management.

  • Industry-Specific Content

    An easy-to-use interface providing defects, pictures, and standard operating procedures.

  • System Integration Team

    Lean & Quality Assurance Industry Specialists deployed providing a turn-key solution with a hybrid cloud network.

  • Change Management Tools

    Create a Rapid Right the First Time continuous improvement culture.

  • Sustainability

    Increase your capacity and output by significantly improving quality and reducing waste without increasing your carbon footprint.

Leading-Edge RFID Technology

An RFID tag is placed on every component of the shoe / garment allowing our proprietary RFID-enabled tablets to read the tags as the product moves across the manufacturing process, enabling the brand and factory to obtain 100% shop floor visibility.

How it works

1. Benefit Case Study

A brand or factory needs to improve their manufacturing process. Our Vaēso Team performs an analysis of your manufacturing metrics to develop a benefit case scenario of quality and productivity improvements including potential savings through real time information for the factory and brand.

2. Factory Assessment

Vaēso performs a Factory Assessment to determine the hardware and the number of users for the platform.

3. Factory Transformation

Vaēso deploys a team of transformation experts to ensure a seamless implementation and adoption.

On-site coaching is provided across the 3 transformation phases:
Visibility, Value and Victory.

4. Build a Continuous Improvement Culture

We combine industry-specific shop floor technology with Lean Manufacturing & Change Management methodologies to engage and activate the shop floor.

Our solution focuses on instilling the behaviors and habits required for a self-sustainable continuous improvement culture.

Our unique methodology creates winning values


Experiment & Learn

Positive Energy




  • No Real-Time Data Visibility
  • No Remote Access to Data
  • Decisions Made With Unreliable Data
  • Time-Consuming Manual Data Collection
  • Paper-Based Management System
  • Reactive Interactions


  • No Real-Time Data Visibility
  • No Remote Access to Data
  • Decisions Made With Unreliable Data
  • Time-Consuming Manual Data Collection
  • Paper-Based Management System
  • Reactive Interactions


  • Real-Time Data access anytime, anywhere
  • Continuous Cloud Connectivity
  • Accurate Data for Precise Decision-Making
  • Data Collected seamlessly with RFID Technology
  • Simple & Intuitive User Interface
  • Proactive Interactions

Implementing Vaēso LIVE

The 3 Vs to building a continuous improvement culture

Vaēso provides on-site coaching to drive the change management necessary
to building a Sustainable Continuous Improvement Culture.

The 3 transformation phases are:


View your data in real-time with the confidence that it is 100% accurate and reliable.


Create value by analyzing and interpreting your data to visualize and resolve problems instantly.


Succeed in using data to drive a continuous improvement culture.

Frequently Asked Questions

o   Traditional MES systems capture data only at the quality control (QC) stations, and frequently only at the packing station. Vaēso can be deployed at the QC station or at each individual workstation.

o   Traditional MES systems use antiquated optical scanning methods such as barcode / QR code technology which are plagued by low data capture rates and poor data quality.  Vaēso uses reusable RFID tags that are proven to deliver 99% capture rates with an accuracy rate of 99.9%.

o   Optical scanning requires additional hand movements, creating additional work and increasing cycle times.   Vaēso RFID is a zero-touch technology, requiring no additional movement with zero impact on cycle time.

o   Traditional MES systems focus on product quality, defects are detected at the QC station. Vaēso combines both quality and performance to drive the factory’s overall performance, providing full visibility into the manufacturing process.

o   Traditional MES systems are not real-time. Vaēso uses QC and workstation cycle time data to drive enhanced line throughput using continuous analysis of flow-rates, cycle times, and line balancing, which feeds an incident response system to help artisans, supervisors and managers take immediate action. 

o   Vaēso‘s real time data allows Artisans, supervisors and managers to react in minutes and seconds rather than days and hours. Artisans, line leaders, production and factory management are able tackle issues in real time by continuously monitoring efficiency, quality, and productivity every minute and reacting immediately to shop floor alerts.

Vaēso increases factory efficiency.  By increasing efficiency, the factory can produce more product with the same costs, excluding material.  We find that the typical Footwear or Apparel factory can pay for the entire Vaēso system in less than 6 months and frequently in under 4 months.

o   With real time and detailed analytics you can identify areas of improvement to ensure your current operations are performing at its highest levels of capacity, productivity, quality, and speed.

o   Most systems and processes do not have real time data, making it difficult for people to analyze results and thus, change management takes longer to be effective.

o   Easily view and analyze current quality, productivity, capacity, efficiency, PO status, and other essential KPIs.

o   We have local teams as we offer 6 am-6 pm customer service to address technical issues.

o   During the system implementation, we have the Factory Team on-site with local talent.

o   During the first 10 days, we require 1-2 hours / day training.  As the implementation continues, the time is reduced as Artisans and Quality Control Guardians apply the training to perform their daily tasks.

o   During the last 10 days, they are receiving 30 minutes to 1 hour / day which is typically on the job training.

o   With proper line balancing, most factories (4 line factories) will not require additional headcount to perform the tasks of this system such as coupling decoupling and uploading purchase orders.

o   Vaēso platform customization is subject to the scope of project.

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