The platform to manage your Manufacturing Ecosystem Audits

Audit Platform with predictive and prescriptive solutions to manage the reliability and complexity of your expanding Supply Network.

Your integrated end-to-end solution for your Quality, Compliance and Safety audit needs.

Vaēso SUPPLY Core Features

  • Risk Assessment & Mitigation

    Make data-driven decisions to assess and mitigate risks with Data Analytics and KPI Reports including our unique Know Your Product process.

  • Issue Management Process

    Drive continuous improvement by integrating communication and user event automated workflows.

  • Ecosystem Collaboration

    Platform user collaboration to drive continuous improvement throughout your ecosystem.

  • Manufacturing Preparation

    Integrate Resources, Purchase Order, Tier-2 traceability with various engines to prepare for the manufacturing process.

Types of Audits

  • 33-step Commercialization & Production Quality Assurance
  • Pre-Shipment Quality Control Process with Critical and Important Manual Tests
  • Material warehouse Quality Control
  • Fabric audits performed with +25 parameter specs
  • Social Compliance
  • Environmental Compliance
  • Lab Testing with Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning to reduce the system wide cost of testing

Engine based solution

Engine based design Solution which significantly reduces the time and cost to create new audits, workflows, calculations and reports using Form, Workflow, Calculation and KPI Engines.

A Standards Collaboration
& Audit Solution

A Real-Time Manufacturing
Execution Solution

Your End-To-End Supply
Network Partner

Start transforming your performance