Digital Shop Floor solution that rapidly transforms the Shop Floor performance of your manufacturing ecosystem

Vaēso LIVE

Vaēso LIVE empowers you with real-time data & analytics needed to optimize productivity and drive continuous improvement throughout your manufacturing ecosystem.

LIVE digitizes the factory shop floor providing real-time visibility to WIP, order status, and capacity usage-availability delivering the insights needed to effectively manage your production, especially in times of major disruptions.

Use real-time shop floor data to guide your factories to double-digit improvements in quality, speed, flexibility, and productivity by building a rapid self-sustaining continuous improvement culture.


Captures operator cycle times and defects in real-time activating and engaging Artisans to meet their targets

User Interface

UI that is as simple to use as a smartphone


Provides Artisans with the standards required to perform their manufacturing processes


Workstations with short-range non-touch RFID enabled tablets

Turn-Key Solution

Hybrid cloud network network with System Integration Implementation Teams