Sourcing Journal: Optimizing Productivity Report 2019

July 18, 2022


    Our industry is going through a period of radical change and disruption. While the market demands for quality, sustainability and transparency are more prevalent than ever, our supply chains and manufacturing processes are struggling to evolve. In order to survive during this time of uncertainty retailers, brands and factories must work together as partners and embrace industry wide innovation.

    As an industry we do not do a good job of training, developing, educating or tapping into the human intelligence in our supply chains.

    Through our consulting practice we have identified an opportunity to activate the hearts and minds of the workers in our factories. We engage our factory workers through education, giving them a sense of purpose and pride. By implementing change management techniques, Impactiva works with factory leadership executing new behaviors, which translate into sustainable habits to instill the values of accountability, discipline and transparency throughout the production process. Ultimately, we strive to be better and create a leading-edge manufacturing culture. As a result, factories achieve double-digit reductions in defects, lead-time and costs as well as a significant increase in flexibility.

    After 18 years of industry experience growing Impactiva, working on LEAN manufacturing projects, footwear and apparel quality assurance, quality control, process development-optimization and material inspections, we couldn’t find a digital solution that met the needs of our retailer, brand and factory partners, so we developed our own Manufacturing Excellence Solution, Vaēso.

    Vaēso LIVE is a real-time shop floor control solution that exponentially improves quality, productivity, speed, flexibility and transparency, using a software-as-a-service model. Vaēso unlocks the next level of global manufacturing by recognizing every artisan on the line. We deliver targeted insights and smart technology to streamline production for a faster, smarter operation. We transform manufacturing ecosystems by pairing digital tools with human ingenuity—and reward creative solutions. Vaēso optimizes operations and empowers every artisan to improve via self-management in real time.

    What if you could trust that every unit of product has been inspected by every single artisan on each of your production lines ensuring that your quality standards are being met all the time? What if…..?

    – Jose R. Suarez Founder/CEO Impactiva & Founder/CEO Vaeso


    Download Sourcing Journal’s full report here: Productivity Report 2019

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